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Friday, 27 March 2009

Across The Pond

I've noticed a huge surge in work from the USA recently - I think the weak pound has actually done me a huge favour! I've always got a buzz out of knowing that my work is being seen by hundreds of thousands of people every week around the UK, so to know that it's also being seen across the pond is another huge buzz for me!

Speaking of ponds, my stock footage on has also seen a huge increase in sales over the last couple of months, and as the footage is sold in dollars I'm benefitting from the weak pound that way too!

With the media contstantly doom-mongering about the recession, I think it's vital not to get sucked in to all that, and focus on the positive things - the above is a great example of how it's not all bad news!

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Forthcoming DVD releases

I'm currently working on 4 DVD titles which will be released over the next few months:

* Nineties - Nineties themed visuals to compliment the existing 70s and 80s titles.

* Kids Party - Designed primarily for mobile discos who cater for kids parties, featuring clowns, balloons, cakes, etc. This title will hopefully also appeal to parents holding parties for their kids.

* Pride - A collection of cool rainbow-themed visuals aimed at gay pride events

And one other title which I'm keeping under wraps :-)

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Upgraded to CS4

I've finally got around to upgrading my Adobe suite of software to the latest version - CS4.

I skipped the last release (CS3) so there's big differences in all of the applications.

It's great to finally have a working version of Adobe Bridge (the version included with Production Studio Premium was just hopelessly buggy). With thousands of stock footage and backgrounds to wade through it's going to be a massive time saver to be able to index it all in Bridge.

All of the apps are looking very neat - the user interfaces are much slicker and compact making better use of the available screen space.

I've just been playing with the Puppet Tool in After Effects and can see that's going to be very useful. Character animation is something I've always shyed away from in the past, but the puppet tool will allow me to tackle this in the future.

The Layer Styles and Shape Layers (which were introduced in AE CS3) are also going to be incredibly useful (although I find it unbelievable that it took this long to implement these very obvious features!)

It's a shame GridIron haven't released an update to allow Nucleo Pro to run in CS4, although I can understand them focusing their efforts on getting GridIron Flow released as I believe this will be a truly groundbreaking piece of software.

Adobe's aquisition of Macromedia has meant that Flash is included with the Creative Suite which will be very useful to have on hand, as I'm being asked to produce more and more video for the web, and whilst After Effects can produce FLV files, you need Flash to be able to produce a SWF file which is what clients expect.

The OnLocation video capture software which is included looks useful, particularly as I'm planning to invest in an HD camera later in the year.

I haven't had a chance to play with Soundbooth yet, so am looking forward to trying that out - I've been using a very out of date version of Wavelab for audio editing for far too long now and hope Soundbooth will provide an better alternative!