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Monday, 4 May 2009

Pride Themed DVD Finished!

I've finally finished my Pride Themed DVD. It has a pretty limited market, but I've enjoyed making this one. Hopefully it will appeal to gay clubs and bars for use during Pride festivals.

I've been agonising over whether to concentrate on adding more titles to the Themed DVD collection (I've got a few more in mind and would really like to reach 20 titles!), or to get started on converting all the existing ones to NTSC format in order to access the American market.

The sensible option is probably the NTSC one as the weak pound is making my products better value in the USA, and it's a much bigger market. The downside is that it's a pretty tedious/boring task to undertake, and there are a few other considerations to make such as Product Liability Insurance (Americans will sue for anything!), choosing a distributor (Fulfillment by Amazon is looking like an attractive option), sorting out the exporting and the impact that US import duty etc will have on the profit margin.

My visit to PLASA Focus in Leeds earlier in the week was worthwhile. The seminar about the Media City development in Manchester was very interesting - it sounds like it will be very beneficial to the city and the creative industries within it. I also had a wander around the trade show although that was a bit disappointing. I haven't been to a PLASA show for a few years now, but there was nothing ground-breakingly exciting in the world of lighting/video, just lots more LED products everywhere!